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When it comes to your brand, there’s few better vehicles for promotion and awareness than events. Be it a public event, conference, one day seminar, live activation, gala dinner or a combination thereof, we have the experience to ensure that your message is at the forefront and received loud and clear by your guests and delegates. From picking the right venue to AV management, scripting to selecting relevant entertainment we manage all aspects of your event ensuring that you can focus on what’s most important to you and your guests. 

What we do
  • Conceptualisation
  • Event Design
  • Production Schedule
  • Event Management
  • Promotion & Social Media
  • Hosting and MC Duties


It’s a funny thing. Guests don’t miss a cracking concept when it’s not there, but by goodness they notice it when it is. Developing a concept that properly reflects your brand and or purpose is the backbone of any great event. We help develop this in order to maintain brand integrity and a sense of purpose throughout the planning and execution phases.

Event Design

The first minute, and the last minute are what your guests will recall the most. So let us help you create a look and feel that will carry your brand message whilst ensuring your guests have the WOW experience that they deserve.

Production Schedule

Events don’t just ‘happen’. Coordinating suppliers, contractors, staff, rehearsals and so much more before the doors open is a critical and often underplayed element of a successful event. Yak ensures that all elements are where they need to be, when they need to be there. Remember, behind every ‘big moment’ there’s planning and practice. 

Event Management

So the doors are open, and this is when time both flies, and comes to a standstill. We specialise in managing talent, audio, visual, lighting, food and beverage, timing, chefs and more once the event is up and running. Whether we are ‘calling the show’ or managing those that are, our team ensures that what you expect and have promised your guests is what they experience. 

Promotion and Social Media

Promotion isn’t purely pre-event, though that is important. Yak also integrates social media into the event itself via activations, live Q&A and social streaming. Let’s not forget the post event promotion either. All of this is more than engaging, it also collects sufficient data to boost not only your mailing list, but your knowledge of what’s important to your guests for next time.

Hosting and MC Duties

Sometimes, a ‘big name’ MC is neither affordable nor necessary. Our directors have extensive experience as MC’s in the tourism, wine, auto, government, FMCG and health industries. We go the extra mile and include extensive pre-work to ensure that we deliver more than words, but also comprehension of the message. The MC is never the show, but they can certainly make the show.

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Got a project in mind?

We are very interested to hear more about your project!

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