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Business is tough, we know! You have the passion, the product, the energy and the message. But how do you know your message is reaching your target market, how do you track it, and how do you own it? Understanding the importance of the digital marketing and social media landscape is vital, as is creating, protecting and maintaining the integrity of your online brand ensuring that your messaging reaches a relevant audience. Quality, not hold the key. Let us open the door. See below for more cliches and vital information.

What we do
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Video

New business drives our country, but it’s a sad fact that due to various factors such as insufficient planning, cash flow, strategy, and exposure - the majority...that’s right, majority fail in the first 24 months. C’mon!!

A major part of your marketing, actually, integral to your overall business plan needs to revolve around digital marketing and social media. Communicating with customers, reaching new markets and having control of where, when and by whom your message is seen has never been more important, and thanks to the internet it’s never been easier.

Yak Creative offers affordable solutions to your digital and social media requirements, ensuring that your business and product is profiled exactly how you want it to be, to the relevant market and with the maximum bang for your hard earned buck!

We minimise the traditional hurdles of cost, time and resources and provide you with the information, tools, knowledge and support to move forward in this exciting space.

We can break it down like this;

Web Development

The first thing your customers do when they have hear about your company, or want to know more about it is Google them right? Right. So if you don’t want to be victim to the ever decreasing attention span of our population, you need to have an easy to find, easy to use and relevant website. Having your own attractive and easy to navigate website allows you to maintain control of your brand, track the movements of those who visit the site, and adjust as necessary to maximise sales, leads or enquiries. Many people overcomplicate their websites making it hard for customers (why on earth..? anyway) and eventually, too hard to maintain and the only thing worse than not having one, is having a website with obsolete information. At Yak we have three affordable packages to choose from depending on your requirements.

Social Media

Treat it like a hobby it’ll cost you like one…treat it like a business...hmmm.

Let’s face it. People are spending more time on social media than pretty much anything else. Your customers consume their news, media, music, entertainment and shopping from their phones. So. Will they find you there?

Over a coffee or three, we delve into and explain the positive potential of social media and how, in far less time than you think, you can harness that potential turning it into opportunity for your business. Increase enquiry, drive sales, maximise engagement and build a community of loyal customers...Why the Yak would you not want to do this?

Whatever your goals, creating a consistent, genuine, transparent social media presence will help avoid the well honed ‘BS’ meters possessed by your customers. We help align social media with your existing communications and marketing, then create a strategy to achieve your updated objectives. Together we’ll work with you to develop your first 30 day plan the reflects your KPI’s and delivers a trackable, measurable and instantly amendable strategy.


Let’s look at the society we live in today, and how people consume. Not so long ago, people would likely experience your product or service before they had the chance to associate your brand with it. If your logo sucked, but your service was great, they’d return right? Right. Those days are gone, and now a quick online search will reveal a host of competitors vying for your customer. Today’s customer researches and has more choice than ever before, and guess what? The logo that sucks will almost invariably be overlooked for the sharp, relatable, professional one...simple. Branding is about emotions and how your customers and clients feel about you and your product or service even before they purchase. Sure you need to market well, but in today's climate, how you make people feel can make or break your business. We work with you to understand your brand purpose, develop a ‘brand-plan’ (maybe more important than a big fat business plan) that you can deliver on every day, then create assets, a style guide and other tools for you to execute them. Game on!


It is no secret that video is the master of online messaging right now. Engagement is dramatically increased when video is the chosen vehicle, and every day there is some kid making millions delivering YouTube clips on some random activity. We are not going that far right now. That said, becoming comfortable in front of the camera, and knowing when and how video can emphasise and add weight to your message is so important. Video allows your fans, partners or online community to feel more engaged with your company, which leads to a more committed and loyal customer base, which should indeed lead to more sales and more money. Yes! Once we define your brief, our expert videographers bring it to life for posting on all your channels.

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Got a project in mind?

We are very interested to hear more about your project!

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