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It’s simple...we all have a brand like it or not, and today there is no excuse for not leveraging yours. If you are like most humans, the first thing you do when you hear about someone or something new, is Google it. So it’s safe to assume that people Google you right? (C’mon, we know you’ve searched yourself!) So, how do you want to be represented when that happens, leave it to Wikipedia?! Whether you intend to grow your brand, create an online store, share your knowledge, give back to your fans or simply increase your online and social media presence Yak has you covered. See below for more info.

What we do
  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Video

Whether solo, or in a group with peers, we provide the products and service listed below. Paramount to all of this is revealing and explaining the opportunity that social media and a digital presence provides and how making the most of this opportunity is essential in creating a holistic and balanced approach to your career now, and moving forward.We will debunk some myths surrounding the knowledge, budget and time required, and explain how we can remove what are considered the common hurdles...most of which are based on limited research or ‘scary’ stories from other people.

Aligned with your values and goals, we will impart key techniques to build your social presence and community, without disrupting your core purpose or performance. This is not a sacrifice of your time, it’s an investment into your future.

The hardest thing about this whole process, the ONLY hard part, is starting! So let’s go.

In an ideal world, all of the elements below would come together to form your digital and social media strategy. And though we intend to create long term habits that become second nature for you, we are realistic and understand that it takes time, and sometimes your end goal can seem so far away that you become overwhelmed and take an easy way out. So, we chunk it down.

Check out these key offerings then talk to us about how we can tailor a solution to your needs and means. Never has it been less about ‘why?’, and more about ‘why the Yak not??’

Web Development

If you’re like most humans, the first thing you do when you want to know more about something, or someone, is Google them right? Right. So if you don’t own your own presence via a personal website, what will peoples first impression be based want to leave it to Wiki?!? Having your own attractive and easy to navigate website allows you to maintain control of your brand, share more with your fans or sponsors, and build a professional presence without breaking the bank. A website enhances your core purpose rather than distracts from it and we have three affordable packages to choose from depending on your requirements.

Social Media

How many times have we heard about the ‘DO’S & DON’TS’ of social media?? Enough already! Over a coffee or three, we delve into and explain the positive potential of social media and how, in far less time than you think, you can harness that potential turning it into opportunity. For you, opportunity might be to grow your online followers, build a body of work to engage with brands, point fans to your personal website, or run competitions and giveaways to ‘give back’. Whatever your goals, creating a consistent, genuine, transparent social media presence will help avoid the well honed ‘BS’ meters possessed by the public and brands. We help identify your audience, both current and desired and create a strategy to achieve your social media objectives. Together we’ll work with you to develop your first 30 day plan. It will mirror your excitement and commitment level and will be above all else achievable, with measurable results.


Considering how important your personal brand is to your career, your business and even personal happiness, it’s remarkable how little time is spent on something that can be so meaningful. Personal branding is so much more than a fancy logo and tagline. It needs to be consistent with everything else you are doing both digitally and traditionally, and strong enough to stand the test of time. We work with you to understand your brand purpose, develop your vision, then create assets, a style guide and other tools for you to execute them.


It is no secret that video is the master of online messaging right now. Engagement is dramatically increased when video is the chosen vehicle, and every day there is some kid making millions delivering YouTube clips on some random activity. We are not going that far right now. That said, becoming comfortable in front of the camera, and knowing when and how video can emphasise and add weight to your message is so important. Video allows your fans, partners or online community to feel more engaged with you as a person, which leads to a more committed and loyal fan base and attractive market for potential brand partners down the track. Once we define your brief, our expert videographers bring it to life for posting on all your channels.

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Got a project in mind?

We are very interested to hear more about your project!

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