How Much?

It’s all well and good that we spruik our affordability and promote a "lean Yak" business model, but I hear you ask "Just how much is this actually going to cost me?" OK, so understanding we are super conscious of the fact that our business is bespoke and the projects will vary from client to client, business to business - we concede that it might be handy for you to have a ballpark idea of the possible investment required. Naturally after discussions with Yak Creative you will be provided with a precise quote for services. But please, if what you’re looking for isn’t included in the basic descriptions below, fill in the project form and we’ll be in touch to create with you!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this:
(all costs are excluding GST)

Website Development

from $2,995 (+ monthly hosting)

It all comes down to the ‘why’ with websites. Are you wanting to inform, drive enquiry, increase sales, build brand profile or simply share your journey and promote your partners? Once this is established we work with you to ensure your ‘why’ is realised and you’re able to maintain, control and manage your online identity. The more you want, the more creative we become and the more budget required.

To kick off:
Face to face briefing session
Three Base Pages
Contact Page / Pop-up
Customised Template Design
Mobile Responsive Design
SEO Search Engine Friendly
Social Media Integration
Private Website Training Session
Monthly Hosting, Support & Maintenance Plans Available

Your Social Media Campaign

from $1,295 (+ production)

There’s no denying that social media campaign based engagement is one of the most successful ways to promote your brand, event, product or service. Whether for a week, a month or a quarter the importance of your campaign strategy and content cannot be overstated. In line with your marketing KPI’s Yak can create an all encompassing campaign including branding, graphics, influencer or ambassador engagement, competitions and so much more. We haven’t used a cliche for a while so here goes... your only limit is truly your imagination (oh, and to a small extent your budget).

Step by step:
One on one briefing session
Campaign design and calendar
Content plan
Execution End of campaign report (weekly available at extra cost)

Social Media & Personal Branding Workshop

from $695

Whether one on one with a Yak team member, or in a ‘herd’ with peers (less per person in a group!), this 2 hour session is focused on revealing and explaining the opportunity that social media provides and how making the most of this opportunity is going to be essential in creating a holistic and balanced approach to your career.Aligned with your values and goals, we will impart key techniques to build your social presence and community, without disrupting your core purpose or performance. Never has it been less about ‘why?’, and more about ‘why the Yak not??’

Topics include:
It’s Not Me, It’s YouSnap!
Sharpen Up
Look Good, Feel Good
Enough Chat, Let’s Start!

Personal Branding
Logo Design & Style Guide

from $495

We all have a brand, like it or not. A brand is anything—a symbol, design, name, sound, reputation, emotion, employees, tone, and much more—that separates you from your peers or competitors.We all understand the importance of corporate branding, but more and more in this age of diminishing attention spa….sorry forgot what I was saying...oh yes!...individuals are sought and categorised by their personal brand. Remember, it’s people that makes business relationships valuable and the care and value with which you treat your brand will reflect in the opportunities that come your way moving forward.

For you:
One on one briefing session/value exercise
Logo package design (stacked, horizontal etc.)
Brand and style guidelines

Social Media Management

from $2,295 per month

Consistency and context is everything when it comes to building your brand awareness and community via social media. ‘Easier said than done’ I hear you say. Agreed. ‘I don’t have time for that’ I hear you say….Rubbish! In today’s marketing landscape it’s essential to have a strong, genuine and recognisable presence to avoid being left behind and Yak is here to ensure that you are represented in the tone and manner you quite rightly demand. We establish the goals of your social media, arrange a professional content photo shoot (additional cost), and get to work putting together a content plan for all your social channels.

Manage My Social inclusions:
One on one briefing session
Channel review - aligning bios and creating business pages
30 day content plan
Post scheduling
Monthly report

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