Another bloody podcast??

We know we know haha. But this one is a little different.

Our podcast
'A Whole New Ballgame'

spawned from our frustration and concern over the number of negative stories about athletes who had major struggles during their transition out of professional sport.
We get it, many do it tough and there IS a story there, BUT....

We felt it important to current day athletes, associations, clubs and fans that we highlight some of the positive stories from some of your favourite sporting stars.

We interview some of our greatest ever retired athletes who have made a successful transition into post sport life.
We discuss their sporting career, the challenges they faced along the way, what inspired their career path and how the skills and attributes honed in the sporting arena have helped influence their current success.

It's not all glitz and glam or shits and giggles, but nor will you find any hard luck stories here. It's all positive and designed to entertain, inspire and educate fans and current day athletes.

Check out the episodes below or head over to your preferred podcast platform to search and subscribe to
'A Whole New Ballgame'.

HUGE thanks to all our guests for being so open, honest, and concerned about the transition space and what it means to the mental health and wellbeing of today's stars as they look to the future outside their game.

Give us a rating and be sure to message us with any feedback, suggestions or even stories that you would like to hear on the show.

Thanks for listening.




AB explains the philosophy behind our podcast, and what drove the team to engage in this project.

Jason Johnson podcast

Episode 01 - Jason Johnson

It was awesome to catch up with Essendon star JJ for our first episode of AWNB. We discuss footy, the Bombers 2000 AFL premiership (and the one that got away!), a passion for food, business and a love for golf. JJ shares the challenges and triumphs in sport and business in this entertaining and engaging chat.


Episode 02 - Lydia Lassila

Talk about inspiring!!! WOW! We chat to the first ever 5x Winter Olympian about her trailblazing career, bridging 'the gap', Olympic gold, following a strong vision and the elements that have led to her success on the slopes, and the business world. It's honest, open and 100% Lydia. Enjoy.


Episode 03 - Michael Klim

We caught up with one of Australia's most recognisable athletes as he was enjoying the heat in his home of the last 8 years, Bali. We discuss Michael's amazing career in the pool, the journey that lead him to Olympic gold and multiple world records before his transition into business owner and CEO. It's a fun chat, please enjoy.


Episode 04 - Dennis Armfield

In this episode I caught up with Carlton FC cult hero Dennis Armfield. Known for his dynamic and exciting play, Dennis is so much more than a footballer. He is passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves and shares his interesting and inspiring story about his AFL career, and the transition into the world of business. Enjoy.


Episode 05 - Lou Dobson

A great chat with this dual Olympian, gold medalist and entrepreneur. From 'Shepp' in Victoria to the peak of her sport we talk about what it was like to be a part of that Hockeyroo dynasty. Now based in the nation's capital, Lou runs a great online business as she balances family, her professional life and the need to give back. Enjoy.


Episode 06 - Steven Bradbury

A great chat with 4x Olympian and possibly the most famous gold medalist of them all. It's a colourful and inspiring tale of hard work, success and hindsight. There's a lot more to skating, and Steven Bradbury than you might think. It was a privilege to speak with him and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers.


Episode 07 - Sean Wellman

Bomber great Sean Wellman joins me for this super enjoyable episode. It's a chat loaded with perspective, lessons learned and valuable tips from his personal experience moving from the life of a professional AFL player to running his own financing business. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers.